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Simple, effective mindfulness-based practices to get your team moving & keep them thriving.


Meditation reduces stress and enhances focus. Our services heighten creativity, empathy and emotional regulation. Measurable impacts include improved blood pressure, heart rate, immune function and sleep. Book a consultation to begin the transformation.



A network of wellness experts specializing in mental and physical wellbeing, offering a full range of mind/body support. With integrative nutrition, meditation, yoga, Thai massage, barre, vocal toning, and more (just ask!) we
cover all your workplace wellness needs.

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About Victoria Davis

Victoria Davis is the founder of WellspringMind and an avid meditator, yogi, and mental health advocate. With a mind labeled ‘obsessive compulsive’ and ‘disordered’ before the age of 10, she was an early adopter of mindfulness and movement-based practices for mental flourishing. She has dedicated her adult life to sharing practices that work.

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